Et gjesteinnlegg om laksebasillen

Laksebasillen – galskap eller lidenskap? Noen mennesker har hørt om laksebasillen, men ikke så alt for mange. Selv om noen har hørt om laksebasillen er det ikke sikkert at de vet hva det er, i hvert fall ikke alle. Men ganske mange av de som har hørt om laksebasillen vet hva det er, og de…


First fish of the season !

Nice to get off the mark ! Caught in the Glenmore stream of the river Finn on 22nd April. The Finn is in Co. Donegal, which is right away up in the top N.W. corner of Ireland. The fish was about 6 lbs / 3 kgs, and I released it after the photo.

Time for Nereids

    to be honest i must admit that i normally do not find the seatrout especially selective on this time of the year. I have often heard flyfishermen talking about fish being very selective during the spawning of theese worm. I seldom experience that. nevertheless it is always funny to present a fly for the…

Dare Devil

This fly is so simple that it shouldn´t be allowed tofish it. Nevertheless it has shown to a really effective fly for cold water. It has in more than one occation overfished more estimated flies like the «Pattegris».

Flash Finn – Mickey Finn Variant

I have fished this fly for seatrout for only a few years but i has already shown to be a really effective fishfinder and catcher for dark cloudy winterdays. The fly is a boosted version of the old wellknown pattern «Mickey Finn».

Pattegrisen – A new Classic

Pattegrisen(Piggy) is today one the most popular flies for use for saltwater seatrout. It was inventet a few years ago by the danish flyfisher Claus Eriksen. The flies popularity is today so big that it´s time to time is one of the most common shrimpspecies in the water close to danish shores.

Ny dreng på teamet – Lars Henrik Jensen

Mit navn er Lars Henrik Jensen og jeg skal fremover præsenterer jer for sjøfluer her på siden. Kort om selv, kan jeg fortælle, at jeg startede op med fluefiskeriet som 6 årig, samtidigt med at min far forsøgte at lære mig at binde fluer. Min debut på kysten fik jeg i 1985. hvor jeg fik…

Sunray Shadow time!

The Sunray Shadow is probably the most famous and most iconic Scandinavian fly of all time. I know it was invented by an Englishman, but for use on Norwegian rivers – particularly the Laerdal. I love its simplicity, and I love its long, slim, tantalising profile. And so do Atlantic salmon! It is now popular in…

Long wings for cold water

In Ireland, where I live, the climate is temperate – we don’t get extreme heat in summer, nor extreme cold in winter. We have lots of mountains, but they’re not very high and they aren’t snow capped throughout the year. For these reasons Irish rivers are rain fed, not snow fed. Some rivers in the…

A few more tubes for clear water

Hi everyone, here are a few more suggestions for fishing in clear water conditions. First of all, the  Arctic Sun  is a fly that is well worth a try. Its rather unusual colour combination is striking and different. Maybe, just maybe, something the fish have not seen before! As we all know, salmon will sometimes lie and ignore…

Some more goodies!

I want to talk about four fabulous tube flies, (two Scandi style and two UK style) that are genuine all rounders, and that will take fish in a wide range of conditions. We don’t always need «specialist» flies. Often when we fish conditions are average, unexceptional, with water not too clear nor too coloured, not freezing cold, but…